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Who am I

I´m Geraldine. Born and raised in Bern but moved to Zurich three years ago for my studies. Last year I graduated from the University of Zurich and got my Master of Law. With my community I am sharing my passion for yoga, running and healthy eating. 

My Sports & Coaching backround

Growing up I was always very active. As a kid I started with track & field and participated in national competitions for almost ten years. During high school and my Bachelor of Law I went to Tae Bo and Kickboxing classes at a dojo in Bern. When I moved to Zurich I fell in love with Yoga because it gave me a much-needed balance to the workload at university.  My coaching career started two years ago as a spinning instructor and after I finished my master studies, I went to Bali for my yoga teacher training. Ever since coming back, I have been teaching Vinyasa Flow Classes here in Zurich.

What do I Coach





What can you expect in my class

My classesare dynamic and combine strength and flexibility. In my flowing classesyou can immerse yourself into a moving meditation and completely forget your everyday stress.

This is what makes me totally unique

I am very grounded and calm yet I will still make you sweat and shake on the mat. We will not only work in our bodies but also on our mind and soul.

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