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Who am I

My name is Marina. I was born and raised in Russia. Therefrom is my sweet accent. With 16 I moved to Switzerland.

I did an apprenticeship at an office and two extra years of matura.

Next to my office work I‘m a coach in rhythmic gymnastic in two clubs: Zurich and Zug. In addition, I’m a personal coach in stretching.

My Sports & Coaching backround

Since I was 5 years old I used to do rhythmic gymnastic on a professional level. After moving to Switzerland I kept doing it. 

I won the second place at Swiss Championship in rhythmic gymnastic twice.

With 18 I started to give classes to small kids and with time started to give workouts and stretching classes for adults as well.

What do I Coach

Powerflex (25 min Workout and 20 min stretching)
Functional Training (Full body workout)

Legs, Butt, Abs

What can you expect in my class



Positive energy, support, coming closer to your dream body and becoming more flexible ​


This is what makes me totally unique

I‘m a young coach full of energy and I'm going to share it with you during my classes.

I have a very deep background in professional sports, which means I think like an athlete but I still have a charming way of coaching.

So do not worry, there won’t be any unnecessary pressure but a healthy amount of discipline ;)

Moreover, I‘m very flexible and I'm looking forward to helping you in reaching your goals.

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