Name: Aleksandra Gromnicka


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Who am I

I´m Aleksandra. Born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. I have a Master degree in Pharmacy and I have worked in several pharmacies and pharmaceutical industries. I am on a mission to help you keep fit, keep healthy and enjoy life to the full. 

My Sports & Coaching backround

I have been running a lot as a student, than I started with a gym, fitness. I participated in many courses in Switzerland about health, movements, nutrition.

What do I Coach

Tabata: A high-intensity interval training

Functional Training: for top performance

Core Training


What can you expect in my class

Fun, motivation, sweating.

This is what makes me totally unique

Are you feeling happy today? Did you sleep well last night? Do you feel the best you can?

Every one of you is unique and it’s Aleksandra’s ability to communicate, encourage and motivate you in your personal goal to gain:

  • Better mobility

  • Injury prevention

  • “Real World” strength

  • Get in shape

  • Combine excellent nutrition and lifestyle changes

All Out by Vonlanthen

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