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Who am I

I´m Kathleen. An American living in Zurich for 2 years now. I have a background in Brand Strategy but I also love being a movement and fitness coach!

My Sports & Coaching backround

I grew up doing ballet and modern dance. I have always loved moving (especially to music!). I discovered Pilates when trying to recover from an injury as a young teenager. It was a game-changer for me. After about a decade of practicing Pilates, I received my Mat certification with Power Pilates in 2012. I began teaching Barre after I moved to Zurich. I love how barre is low-impact but still intense!

What do I Coach


Pilates Sculpt (Barre-Pilates Fusion)

Pilates Mat


What can you expect in my class

You can expect me to challenge you, provide some really great playlists, and have some laughs with you as well.  

This is what makes me totally unique

I don’t believe in fitness perfection. Show up, set personal goals, try your best, and have fun. I may be a fitness instructor but I’m also an avid baker. So let’s just say I like to have a balanced approach to wellness ;) 


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